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Surf & Yoga retreat Portugal

– Dance with the waves, move with the sea. Let rythm of the water set your Soul free –


We like to take you on a special week were we combine daily yoga classes with a 5 days surf course.

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We found a green get-a-way situated between green hills and wild nature. When we arrived to the accomodation, we knew instantly that this was the location we were looking for.

Its an old farm turned into a beautiful homestay called Quinte de Samoquirinha. The location is close by the old ficherman’s village Vila Nova de Milontes in Portugal, Alentejo.

At our website soham retreats at the page LOCATION you can read more about the accomodation and see more pictures.


We have three options for your stay:

OPTION 1: A single room all to yourself with a private en suite bathroom and an outdoor small veranda. Total € 1190 all- in.


OPTION 2: You can share a room with one other person. The room has two seperate beds, en suite bathroom and a private small veranda. Total € 850 per person all-in.


OPTION 3: We have also a general appartment where we meet and have the dinners. This appartment has 1 single room and a double bed room with a shared bathroom. For this option you pay total € 775 per person all-in




Our daily yoga sessions incorporate all aspects of the Yoga method. Like postures, breathing exercises, energy work, deep relaxation and meditation. All in a down to earth way. We give you yoga tools wich you can apply at home, deepen your yoga practice or maybe yoga is a first timer for you. You are mostly welcome to experience what yoga can mean for you.

Annemarie : ‘Because you are going to surf 5 times this week, the yoga classes are adjusted to your energy level. So now worries, your not going to feel ‘beaten down’. You will feel strenghten and regain new energy from the yoga and it will enhance your surf experience. Read more about Annemarie here



Surfing is a good way to connect yourself with mother nature. While teaching you this ancient sport, we take care that you enjoy it. So you are learning with plenty of fun. Maybe you never surfed. Then this is an excellent way to really learn to surf.


If you already have surfexperience, you can use this week to enhance your surflevel. Because we are in such a small group, you get full attention and personal tips and tricks.

All the equipment, surfboards, wetsuits and transportation will be taken care of.
The surfclasses are in coöperation with surfschool Surfmilfontes.

IVO: ‘One of the greatest challenges for the mind is to be tuned with the wave. The experience of this phenomenon arises often with a supreme joy. Those who are just beginning will learn to master their body and mind in the ocean. Those who already surfed before will improve and refine the experience. Read more about Ivo here.



We make everyday fresh vegetarian food. We buy the most of our fruits and vegetables from local farmers. We also don’t dismiss the opportunity to explore the restaurants in the area.

We dont detox or do juice fasting. We just make deliscious good food with the right amount of indulgence and restorative goodness. That’s the kind of yummy balance we’re after.



We follow the tides of the ocean and the waves. Each day we’ll make the schedule according to it. So we have a window of opportunity to make the best out of each day. This is a global indication of what a retreat day looks like, and we keep 1 day ‘surf rest’ in the middle of the week.


8:00 | Yoga Class

9:30 | Breakfast buffet

Surf session | Everything included like the drive to the beach and materials

Afternoon siesta time; dip in the pool, read, relax or take a massge

19:00 | Dinner


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