WORKSHOP ACRO YOGA BEGINNER | Zaterdag 24 augustus 13:00 – 16:00

WORKSHOP ACRO YOGA BEGINNER | Zaterdag 24 augustus 13:00 – 16:00

Dive into the unique world of Acro yoga that combines the physicality of acrobatics with the connective aspects of yoga. This workshop is designed to elevate your self-confidence, foster trust, improve communication, and enhance your ability to bond with another person.

Whether you’ve never done Acro before or are seeking to deepen your practice, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore new ways to challenge yourself. Through guided poses, partner exercises, and group challenges, you’ll discover newfound strength, balance, and flexibility.

Transform how you see yourself and others in a safe, supportive environment, and learn to fly by joining us for a journey of discovery, growth, and laughter.

No experience necessary. Come alone or with any partner or friend. We will work in groups of three. There will be a little break in between.

The workshop is in Englisch and thought by teacher couple AM & Michel. Read their story below.

ABOUT AM & MICHEL: Anne Marie and Michel met in Thailand at a retreat center called The Mindfulness Project. Their individual enjoyment of Acro and yoga brought them together, teaching them to work together and communicate, leading to a deeper trust and connection off the mat. They quickly formed a deep friendship that blossomed into a summer romance that never ended.

Yoga isn’t just our practice; it’s our way of life, guiding us in mindfulness and the pursuit of tranquility. Aficionados of life’s simple pleasures, every morning you’ll find us savouring a fresh cup of coffee, as we admire our greatest collaboration: our son Kai. He teaches us every day about love, patience, and the beauty of seeing the world through fresh eyes.

ABOUT TEACHER AM: Anne Marie has been immersed in movement since she was 3 years old, exploring ballet, tap, jazz, and competitive dance. She discovered yoga in university and later joined a professional aerial dance group, where she was introduced to acrobatics and acro yoga. After traveling to study mindfulness, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in England in 2020. Originally from the United States, she has practiced and taught acro yoga all around the world, including Thailand, Mexico, and England. Now, she resides in the Netherlands with her family.

ABOUT TEACHER MICHEL: Michel has always loved movement, from practicing Jiu-Jitsu in his teens to teaching yoga all over the world. He discovered Acro yoga on an evening walk in Australia when he noticed a group of people standing on each others shoulders. Since then he’s joined ‘Acro jams’ everywhere he goes, helping people from all ages get started on their movement journey. Now residing in the Netherlands with his family, Michel balances his time between his videography career and his role as a yoga instructor, enriching lives through the art of movement.

INFORMATION: Zaterdag 24 augustus | 13:00 – 16:00 | 50 euro per persoon

LOCATION: With good weather its outside. We gather in front of the studio and walk to our outside private green spot. With rainy weather its in SoHam yoga studio

APPLY: Send an email to or sign up in your Yogibit.


  • The workshop continues with an minumum of 6 people
  • cancel 24 hours or more prior the worshop and you will get full refund
  • within 24 hours there is no refund